Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 3:50 PM
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Fr O'Neill's Daily Mass Reflections

February 2018

Feb 24

Saturday - February 24 - First Week of Lent

In today's Gospel from Matthew, Jesus challenges the Jewish people with a series of statements that state that his presence in the world carries with it a new authority. The great law of Moses is fulfilled and enhanced with his words. "You have heard it said.... I say...."  A new transcendent understanding of the law was...
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Feb 22

Thursday - February 22 - First Week of Lent - Feast of the Chair of St Peter

 In the first reading from St Peter the disciples are called to watch over the faithful in their care.  In the Gospel Jesus asks his apostles who people are saying he is. Then he continues by asking them who THEY say he is.  Our reflection today is to answer these same questions.  Another question to...
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Feb 21

Wednesday - February 21 - First Week of Lent - Feast of St Peter Damien

 In the Gospel the people demand a sign from Jesus that he is the Messiah ... he said that no sign will be given to them ... Love cannot demand proof - nor can true faith.  A necessary component of faith is loving trust. Could a groom say to a bride while standing at the altar, "Prove to me that you will love me...
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Feb 19

Tuesday - February 20 - First Week of Lent Jesus teaches us how to pray - it it is from this offering that all prayer blooms. He invites us to begin all our prayer by praying, Abba, Father.  For those who prayed before to an unknown god, that was ... and is...  a game changer; to understand not only to Whom we pray; but to Whose...
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Feb 2

Will resume posting after Ash Wednesday

Blessings and mea culpa for the posting hiatus... I will reumbe again during Lent - Ad majoram Dei gloriam!
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