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Monday August 7 - Week 18

 This morning's first reading continues with the Book of Numbers and the Jewish people wandering in the desert. They are complaining to Moses that all they have to eat is manna and reminding him that in Egypt although they were slaves at least they had fish and meat to eat. Moses is overwhelmed by their complaining and we here this in his desperate prayer to God.

In the Gospel, Jesus instructs his disciples to feed the hungry people.  Their protest to Jesus is similar to Moses prayer to God.  What your are asking of us is impossible.

Both readings remind us that with faith and trust in God, even the most difficult circumstances, the most perplexing problems, even the miraculous, are possible. Our plaintiff complaints, however, need to turn into trusting prayer and the Eucharist is our food for the journey.

August 7 - Feast of St Cajetan 

Cajetan was born in Vicenza, Italy, in 1480, the son of a count. He graduated from the University of Padua with degrees in civil and Church law. Then he worked in the papal offices in Rome. Cajetan became a priest in 1516. He returned to his own city of Vicenza. Although it angered his rich relatives, the saint joined a group of humble, simple men who devoted themselves to helping the sick and the poor. St. Cajetan would go all over the city looking for unfortunate people and would serve them himself. He helped at the hospital by caring for people with the most disgusting diseases. In other cities, he did the same charitable work. He also kept encouraging everyone to go to Holy Communion often. “I shall never be happy,” he said, “until I see Christians flocking to feed on the Bread of Life with eagerness and delight, not with fear and shame.”

Together with three other holy men, St. Cajetan started an Order of religious priests called the Theatines. This group devoted themselves to preaching. They encouraged frequent confession and Communion, helping the sick, and other good works.

Cajetan died at the age of sixty-seven. In his last sickness, he lay on hard boards, even though the doctor advised him to have a mattress. “My Savior died on a cross,” he said. “Let me at least die on wood.” Cajetan passed away on August 7, 1547, in Naples. He was proclaimed a saint by Pope Clement X in 1671.

In imitation of this saint, we should make the Holy Eucharist the center of our lives. We can ask St. Cajetan to help us love the Eucharist as he did.

The Church also celebrates the feast of St. Sixtus II on this date.


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